Forcing the train doors = suicide.

So our killer trains are to blame for a death which could have been easily preventable. But who is responsible the end-user or the operator? Chris Tagle believes it is the end-user.

Consider this another: I told you so?

I take no pleasure in responding to such an issue, but when one considers how these facts play out in real life, I play less than your typical remorse card.

See story here on The Age.

It has become unfortunate habit, or more the fact that it is perceived as an acceptable act to ‘force doors’ open. It is technically a offence that can be fined, and is is clearly posted. But contrary to these obvious explanations it seems hard to comprehend by our goon-soaked friend and countless other individuals on a daily basis.

It would have been less interesting if he tripped directly onto the tracks, the twist is, he got stuck in the door. How his mate couldn’t manage not to pry open the door is also quite interesting. It’s not that difficult, just obey the placards.

But day in day out train services are delayed because some people are adamant on getting their way, mindlessly delaying everyones journey with acts such as this and now you can die from it apparently. (But every delay is caused by Metro, what is this!)

Has anybody realized the close door tone (beeping), is an aural cue not to interfere with the door!

Why do I complain, because I tire from people doing it. You’re not supposed to force the bloody doors, and what are you exactly saving, 10-20 minutes that you’d waste anyway, or perhaps end your life. In this case, it probably looks like precious goon drinking time, oh well.

But I assure you this is not a cry to say Connex/Metro are defenseless, they had a duty of care, lest it not the blind decision making, perhaps for it this train not a different one with a working system, he would have been saved from his own sillyness.

  • Train doors should have serrated edges – it can still be rubber – it just needs to hurt more, that or tip them with poison fresh paint.
  • Alarms need to be louder and more agitating if you force doors, or got stuck as the ‘door close tone’ went off. (In the UK, they have a recorded voice telling you doors are closing, next you’ll be telling me to mind the gap… :P)
  • Pram holders need to board and disembark correctly, ensuring that if they are holding a Tooheys or VB at the same time they are sterilized.