Until TXT do us part.

Quite recently an American woman fell into shopping mall fountain because she was texting. Now it seems that this act could be more deadly than imagined with a teenager falling over the balcony. What has become of our digital generation?

So it seems that technology has made us smarter; has it? Well, perhaps, but it has certainly impaired us in other places. Utterances of a full ban of mobiles in cars, someone drafting up legislation to somehow prevent those crossing the road from having dread iPod headphones on, but really: TXTing!

Now, there are calls to have a higher barrier placed on the sides. Could there be another legislated over-reaction much like the West Gate Bridge and the ‘don’t kill yourself’ fencing.

I merely call on people to use common sense. Crossing the train tracks – wait until the gate is open, driving while on you’re phone, looking when you’re stepping off a train – heck walking down a street and not tripping over a 1mm gap, and not eating a Large Big Mac meal while you’re exercising at the same time (I’ll need to find that picture for that last one). It seems mostly simple, doesn’t it?

TXT – whilst simple enough, don’t do it whilst in motion. Countless times when I’ve nearly bumped into such people in the city who are not looking where they are going. In the USA Glee star Jane Lynch promoting safe TXTing is one attempt to raise awareness on this, but the ask is simple…

Think before you TXT.