Touch-off for Myki Unlikely.

Today marks the conclusion of a review by the new Baillieu government of the Myki smartcard ticketing system. At present it is working much more smoothly and walking away from the contract itself could cost of at least $1 billion in the process. Chris Tagle transport commentator believes that the system will stay but the regional roll out could be cut:

It is a difficult decision, but there’s nothing really preventing a regional roll out. It has taken some time and investment over the years, but given the cuts at present it looks like a likely choice to suspend this part of the roll out. 

It may mean that only Inter-regional destinations like Geelong, Bendigo, Ballarat, Seymour and Traralgon will be the furthermost destination on trains to be served with Myki.

This would cause issues in regards to paper-ticketing given that travellers who wish to travel further out will need a ticket to cover the additional cost, or to travel wholly without Myki.

Myki machines

But in four-seasons-in-one-day Melbourne it looks like it is here to stay. Public Transport Users Association urges the government to quickly transition to Myki to stop the confusion. 

In December 2009 Myki’s were issued free under a large campaign to increase the numbers of users. The cards are available from all Premium train stations, the Myki Centre at Southern Cross, the MetShop and online.

Oh, and for all you nay-sayers and doom-hoarders: Chris Tagle told you so. Myki is still here.