Procrastination is creativity in disguise.

I’m sitting here in Swinburne Library just after a test, which I probably didn’t do terribly well on. Swinburne has a motto ‘Question everything’ – which is what I see myself doing at this moment. I’m having a break-down. No, I’m not in a corner crying, I am hardly suicidal; just fatigued and lost. Very lost. I question my intelligence; am I retarded? I genuinely think I’ve forgotten how to learn.

But did I really know how to learn to begin with? I think the system has designed for failure. We spend our entire lives doing things. Now I’m not talking about how to talk, how to walk, or fly a plane. But purely intellectual learning. It’s really a matter of learn by doing, in order to do later. We learn about stuff in order to do it in the future. But it’s more than likely that we’ll forget.

Learning sets us up to do something a little more difficult in the same context. Maths is a great example. It’s a process though. But most things aren’t a process. (Well I’m probably lying though). Philosophy in general has a lot to explore, but again – I didn’t do it as a subject. It’s merely a fractured concept based on multiple assumption that I’ve come to this conclusion. 

We’re not taught how to think. I will reference to ‘ILP’ (Individual Learning Program) a subject in Year 9 at my former high school. It’s probably been the best attempt to conceptualize learning, getting people to understand that they learn differently. Visual-spatial, verbal, written… But it was a hugely ‘wanky’ subject, but nevertheless, I now think it is increasingly important.

But the idea didn’t last long. Schools teach in one way, and one way only. VET subjects are taught differently. University subjects are taught differently yet again. The system though, does not teach ‘learning’ under each different concept.

I completed psychology in Year 11. Again exposed to the idea of learning, but it tells us (if I refer using my vague memory) – we need to learn through experience and to associate ourselves with what we are trying to remember – to best remember something. It’s a process of linking up new information to old where possible. But what if it isn’t. The present idea as I see it is Copy + Paste information into our memory, and hopefully it stays. But it doesn’t, unless we access the information frequently.

Philosophy no longer takes part at the heart of what I think every University course should have it as a feature. I note some private schools do it as a core subject (open to verification), but is there that disparity between the two?

So anyway, I sit here justifying my procrastination in studying, words better dedicated to writing out essays and other stuff. Question everything.

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