It begins – again!

Well I’ve finally got my acceptance from Western Michigan University (WMU) to be an International Exchange Student for Fall Semester. My journey will begin in August, and on my way back in January I’ll be traversing the many landmarks which exist, that are yet to be decided.


But the work is hardly over. International exchange has a process, it is long and occasionally tedious – a task that began at the end of December last year!

In my blog I’m going be telling the story from start to finish, that is how I got this far, my experiences, what I have learnt (and  haven’t learnt) and such. This is another one of my attempts at a blog, with all my typical conversations. Expect: weekly updates (when I’m there) and other stuff.

Western Michigan University is in Michigan [orly] – in the USA. It’s an exchange partner with Swinburne University. I chose it because mates of mine had went last year, and the fact that Aviation is a feature at the University, with both practical and theoretical stuff means I don’t have to redo any part of my course, and I get credit. Everyone loves credit. (I’m not actually flying there – as the hours that are logged, firstly need to be paid for with cash I don’t have atm, and the hours don’t contribute to me getting a license in Oz).

Stay tuned in the coming weeks, I’ll be talking about visas (how exciting *cough*). And the ins and outs of an info session from the US Consulate here in Melbourne.


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