The next station is Courtesy.

A new low: A lady was sitting behind me on the tram today, and was complaining loudly to her friend on the phone that she couldn’t hear the announcement the driver made – she blamed her friend. Is she mad? Looking at social etiquette on public transport, I thought this article in The Age again points out there is a fleeting issue with people and their public transport, of the people kind:

A US woman was taken off a train by police and charged after she spoke too loudly on her mobile phone … for 16 hours. Lakeysha Beard was charged with disorderly conduct after she had an argument in a carriage of an Amtrak train with passengers who asked her to be quiet, US media reports said.

It is practically everyday that you will encounter someone talking loudly on the phone, have their MP3 players or iPods playing incessantly loud, and even a failure to cover their mouths when coughing or sneezing. I’ve explained society disintegrating, but this is really easy! But people aren’t getting taught, and the era of common sense has ended.

But honestly, what’s up with that. 16-hours. No-one picked it up before then? And the tram lady today. Digital devices are disintegrating social etiquette. Are we having to mould ourselves around our devices? Has the pause button become non-existent, and our generation of have-it-all-now people are that self-centered?But really, my suggestions of having an additional box with all the other illegal things to do on trains is to have one saying please be courteous. Naturally, the graphics had someone talking loudly on their phone, and with ones phone’s too loud.I think its a lack of courtesy, driven by a lack of self-discipline and awareness. But largely, selfishness – but its not their fault if they don’t know what it is (or isn’t).  I mean, who honestly thinks it is acceptable to blast D Grade Australia Rap hip hop on the train? It isn’t and shouldn’t be. Although I will attempt to fight that with fire, and blast one of Mozart’s pieces, wonder if they’ll get the sign… (that, or I’ll get bashed, but that’s OK there are magic protection people supposedly at every station (more on that some other time).

But for now, there’s no real solution, so I’ll stick to my noise dampening headphones and perhaps this could be printed off…

The Tagle solution.

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