Tagle’s Guide on Harvard Referencing

This is just a swell little guide on using Harvard Referencing within Word.

It is required for all your university reports. It is a specific way of arranging your reference data and it’s particulars – Swinburne and many other universities have chosen this system, other exists outside the Harvard system. Citations are important, and using the right tools can save you a large amount of effort and panic. It will make it easier in 3rd/4th year if you get used to it early on.

But there are some tools which make it remarkably easier to have your references conveniently placed into your Word Document. They are either: using the inbuilt referencing function within Microsoft Word (’07/’10), or; using Endnote software. Endnote can be used free online from Swinburne or else a personal copy will needed to be accessed directly from the library (for Postgraduate students) to use on your own computer (or buy it). I’ll only talk about the Word functions.

The Lowdown:

More information and a FULL GUIDE for Harvard Referencing is available from the Swinburne Library website. It does not mention using Word’s inbuilt referencing function:


How I found this info, so you didn’t have to:

I’m citing resources mentioned in this blog: http://www.harvardreferencingword.com/ – and using the files from this website: http://bibword.codeplex.com/releases/view/15852#DownloadId=62136

Three easy steps:

1. Download “styles.zip” from here: http://bibword.codeplex.com/releases/view/15852#DownloadId=40238

2. Copy all files within .zip folder.

3. Paste into your this folder: C:/Program Files/Microsoft Office/Office12/Bibliography/Style


Folder: “OfficeXX” determines which version you have, so it might not always be “Office12”

Harvard AGPS should be used. (It looks the most correct IMO)

Please familiarize yourself with using the actual referencing functions within word. You should crosscheck with EndNote or with the Swinburne guide to see if the referencing is correct. Always proofread – you cannot blame this guide (or me).

(This was a quick guide I published for Swinburne Aviation Society and other Swinburne University Students. Perhaps it was useful to you?)