Flight Review: VA011 MEL–LAX Part 1

Well with nothing else to do on a 14 hour flight, there’s not much to do. Actually no, there’s enough to do, and with V Australia’s nice fresh Boeing 777-300ER’s, it’s one of the comfiest ways across the Pacific.

Flight VA011. Seat 24A.

Today I was sampling Economy Class, paid for by Swinburne. (Not really). I heading out the the United States for a 5-month long student exchange and month of travelling.

My journey begins at Melbourne Airport, which has recently undergone a refurbishment. Over the past 2 years changes have been made especially with regards to an improved shopping experience, a slightly expanded terminal wing, and improved customs processing (outbound). I have yet to really feel any significant change for arrivals though.

Melbourne Airport

So I tend to be a international traveller at least once a year. But of course the changes to Melbourne Airport are ongoing work. I noticed that Melbourne has the awkward giant single line for security processing. I’m personally not a fan – if anything goes wrong, i.e. you screwed up paper work and need to get out – it’ makes it immensely difficult. I prefer the more democratic choose your queue. The path get’s you crossing awkwardly through the open space prior to security screening. The same thing occurs for passport control.

A word of caution, I tend to be the person that promises that they will never rush at an airport. This time I did, because: I forgot TRS (Tourist Refund Scheme) is for spending over $300 in total. And of course, I’m at the further out at gate 14, but I did manage to sneak a few pictures in. I also ensured I was flying with earplugs (I conveniently left them at home) and some decent eye-masks. I like it dark when I’m attempting to sleep so I stopped by a kiosk.












The new areas are definitely nice, with angles, and natural lighting galore. It maintains a classy edge with updated furniture a boutique duty free. As you can see, there are still numerous sections which are undergoing completion. I would advise extra time to navigate through this. Areas can potentially build up congestion.



But alas, I had no time. Through the aerobridge I went. A final good-bye for Melbourne. I must say, upon boarding, you are indeed greeted with a nice open plan, then quickly dive into the cabin, with soothing tones and VA’s flair for the air. [end Part One]


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