Kalamazoo: Fresh off the Plane

Map picture

So my first time I arrived I was fortunate enough to be hosted by a friend made by other Australian Exchange students from last year. I went straight from LA to here in Kalamazoo on American Airlines, who fly direct from Chicago.

At first I was actually pleased by the level of development the local airport had. It was new and very nice and the University was providing free transit to accommodation.




Dusk started to fall, and I was definitely looking forward to getting settled in. A certain warmth still remained, but up here in Michigan – thank goodness it wasn’t as hot as LA (for now anyway)



Of course, while travelling you want to get out, so I did not turn down the opportunity for dinner out downtown with new friends. We went out to Burdick’s is one of the local popular restaurant here, right by the Radisson Hotel. I was able to sample an American Staple, so I had a decent sized Hamburger – and gosh I must admit, tasted pretty damn good. A very nice portion of meet with fries on the side. Don’t say chips – they won’t understand you.

I’ve yet to sample the ‘Triple Threat’ though.


Disc Golf


Next day I was out again after briefly delivering my equipment down by WMU (I decided that I’d live in a little more luxury, on Sunday night with air-conditioning handy). With the same crew, we went out on an adventure doing something very new to me.

Out by Kalamazoo Airport, near the driveway to the ‘Air Zoo.’ This time it was disc golf. Essentially it’s golf but instead of using golf clubs to hit a ball you use a frisbee to get it into the ‘hole’ – which resembles an elevated trash can. Lot’s of fun, and easy enough to get into. Let’s just say I won’t be hitting this Olympic sport soon.


The Town

Unfortunately you don’t get a good grasp of the city driving by night. I was very surprised that the city felt larger than I had expected. The town is set up interestingly, with a set of one ways which seems to be prevalent in the US. There is a charm to Kalamazoo in first glance, of progress, but at the same time a history that has seen it evolve. The Mall would be something I would have to explore in more detail in future.

Driving around we took a quick look at Western driving past it, and I couldn’t believe the sheer scale. Coming from Swinburne at home Western was a whole new game. But I was excited. On Sunday, I was able to get a brief tour, and again I was impressed – I could not wait to tackle everything when College started the next day.


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