Tips on tipping

So, I’ve finally realized that tipping is typical turning point for the non-US traveller. Essentially, it’s not that difficult – but typically everyone I’ve asked who’s from around here laughs at you, (then I also mention Australia’s minimum wage rate.) Smile

In general, I like the 15% rule. It’s nice and round. But then it’s which scenarios. I think a taxi driver didn’t like me that much…

Courtesy of CNN (see right):

There’s also a few apps available for Android or lesser known Apple equipment.

I think I get awkward stares occasionally, but sigh it’s a fairly interesting process.

I actually do appreciate that there is much more of an incentive to perform your duty better as an employee, but at the same time – you can’t not tip people – although I haven’t encountered dismal service that warranted it.


3 thoughts on “Tips on tipping

  1. Tipping sounds so weird. I can’t imagine too much difference in service between ordering a steak or ordering a bowl of wedges, yet 15% would be different for both meals – it’d be the cook out the back that’d be doing the work, or do people tip the waiter/ess AND the chef?
    It’d probably make sense if I lived there, I wouldn’t know any different.

  2. I also have been researching tipping lately but in a college enviornment. I find it interesting that the same issues and questions come up from traveling and college tipping!

    Do you find it more acceptable to tip less in places that are notorious for having tourist or college students?!

    – Tori Stallings @

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