Why Facebook just got better.

You were always able to stalk people on Facebook. It just got easier. You were just lazy.

For a power user of Facebook, I think the recent changes have been mostly positive and I guess are a natural evolution. Facebook could have been more subtle rolling out changes monthly rather than something that resembles a change every season, but no it made morning news.

But why is there much disagreeing on the changes? Well for one thing, people don’t use Facebook the way it was designed to be used. (Circa 150 friends, specific feeds and interests). Power users are going to enjoy changes better, but if you use it on an occasional basis, it may be seen unfavorably in ways. It’s all about information, disseminating, then disposing.

The heart of these issues what are these changes designed to do is make doing certain things much quicker or efficient.

  • ‘Close Friends’ – make following the people you want to much better.
  • Rapid responses (i.e. Birthdays, oh and those dreade Pokes. You can poke our your competition in bulk now.)
  • Live feed ticker – more a Twitter thing, but when you have 1200+ Facebook friends – it’s still interesting to watch

But at the heart of it, nothing drastic has actually changed in my opinion! In about one month, it’ll be like nothing has changed.

BTW – Nearing a month here in my stay in the US. I should be blogging way more.. but I’ll leave you with some pictures soon. I am pretty lax about it.


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