Los Angeles

So my first day in the US was in Los Angeles. My half brother and my dad we’re already in town. I learnt quickly, that it was summer again, an all too familiar feeling as an Australian.

Los Angeles had it’s hustle and bustle that one could assume, but from the aircraft I was astounded at the sheer scale and breadth of the city

For the four days that I did, I quickly became accustomed to the US. It is after all a Western society. I also learnt you could turn right whilst the red light is on at the traffic lights – which I thought was rather quaint. Ignoring this, the traffic is surprising. But I was fortunate enough not to hit peak hour.

Surprisingly I didn’t suffer any significant jetlag. After 48 hour marathon packing fest without sleep prior to departure (mind you impressive considering I’m packing for 5+ months) I cruised my way at altitude for most part quietly asleep.P1010648

When I arrived, it was morning, and I was absolutely ready for the day. I was in the USA.

First stop was for coffee in Little Tokyo. With my camera handy, and an iced latte on the ready, I discovered a wishing tree. It makes me realize how fortunate we are to be able to travel out, and share my journey with you.

The short few days saw me exploring downtown LA. Little Tokyo tended to be a popular spot, mostly because my host was more familiar with it. But a lot of interesting things to be seen and done.



P1010710Some more awesome things I got to do. My half sister works in one of LA’s newest building, which you may have been familiar with (or not). I was also able to go inside and take a look. I think her coworkers were impressed by the Australian. Americans seem to be in general.


I’ll post on a Walt Disney Concert Hall soon, it is a very photogenic building.


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