The cursed blessing of the holidays

Well it’s mid-November, and boy how time flies. (Especially as a pilot, hah). It also means it’s crunch time – in my eyes anyway. I’ve been in college long enough to know that time management is a crucial part to the holiday season, but it also represent some challenges both emotionally in many aspects, on your finances and on your health.

I do like to take time to get away from it all, and I really love the holiday season. But I also feel, it at a raw level it is something special, but we as people can sometimes forget about what it really entails. Take the time to have to chill-out moments, friends, out in the snow (omg, snow!), and you know stress free shopping.

Kalamazoo celebrates the beginning of the festive season with the Downtown Parade (see below). But when does the festive season begin? Here in the US, we are celebrating Thanksgiving, and then Christmas, but I walk into Walmart and Christmas sales are already beginning. Most money lost during this season is on unplanned purchases. So get yourself a shopping list, and have 20% extra to spend on for that. Don’t have enough – don’t push it.

Anways, hopefully I won’t be too quite on the WordPress space for a while. For Thanksgiving I look forward to being hosted by a from a friend from Western with his familyin Chicago for the break, this will be a very unique experience.



I took time out this Sunday to take a quick look at the parade, and it’s a fantastic community spirit building. It’s events like these were friends can catch up, take a little time out of their schedule to reflect on the coming season. A small shot of Buster Bronco on the WMU float!0


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