The Life of an Exchange Student: Departing

So my time has come, and I have to leave. Depressing. It really is. Like the seven stages of grief. But this post isn’t my official good-bye.

Experiences that you’ve had, friends that you’ve made, the things you’ve done. Exploring what can never be explored at home.

People. Life. Love. Challenge. Experience. Things learnt.

The past five months have been ultimately life changing for me, coming to America. And campus life draws to a close. But I’m certainly glad, it doesn’t end though, I’ll be travelling. It’ll keep my mind of things, a good state of distraction mixed with awe and adventure.

1. Shock/Denial

You know there was a period where you don’t notice that time is finite, it slowly hits transitioning svery quickly into the following

2. Pain

It hurts. A prang, temporary – hopefully. Guilt over things done, not done. Chaotic.

3. Anger / Bargaining

Frustration gives way to anger. Could I stay another semester? Yes, well no.

I’d be living this life, and neglecting my long-term career aspects. But other people have done it. I would sacrifice a lot (money-wise).

4. Depression

Sad reflection. Time seems to elude me, and it the days pass me by in spite of how I feel. Overwhelming perhaps.

5. The Upward Turn

Dealing with it. Confronting the fact it ends. There is possibly light in the end.

6. Reconstruction and Working Through

Logical end in sight, and the process of having and objective.

7. Acceptance & Hope

It’s the reality of the situation. It doesn’t mean happiness. But it’s about finding a way forward



Just some thoughts. Some reference from here:


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