Cheese and Gravy

So I explored Toronto City for a few days over the week before Christmas.

If I haven’t mentioned it before I was conveniently staying at a cousins place where my grandparents reside. I also had an Aunt and her family about 15 minutes away.

First impressions was that it is a very diverse and multicultural city – similar to that of Melbourne (if not more diverse?). I’d also like to mention it’s cleanliness.

I found myself walking around, but I made sure to make a few stops, and do a few things

Yonge – Dundas Square

Their version of Times Square, or at least my interpretation of it.


Wellesley and Church


This is the ‘Village.’ – Along the street are some nice venues, certainly something to look at. Wish I could have explored the nightlife.









Rainbow Café feat. Poutine

I decided lunch was appopriate. SOmething light like a BLT? First time I’ve had something not deep fried, wait I take that back, there was bacon. Anyway, in Canada they have this interesting conconction of cheese with gravy over chips. Called ‘poutine.’ It’s jolly tasty, and is also available at some of your fast food outlets like Burger King. Just watch those calories!


P1030494University of Toronto

U of T is reminds me of the numerous universities that were established around the turn of the century. It is magnificent to look at (same scale as Melbourne University), although class was out, so not too much bustle around.





In our major metropolitan city we have Chinatown. Again fascinating, expect to find cheap goods, food pretty much what you expect.


I ended up buying some shot glasses for a friend.






P1030620Queen Street

So an old friend Andrew who was originally from Canada, not quite Toronto though had some super advice about what to see around. But one that I was able to stop by was Queen Street. (Yes, there is also a Queen Street in Melbourne, not quite the same vibe.) Queen Street in Toronto certainly has a Fitzroy Street vibe, heck even the tram. An area I guess of the semi-hipster, semi-yuppie making their way in in city life. Very cool.


I also did CN tower which is an amazing feat of engineering in itself. Check a later post when I get to it.


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