It’s Always Sunny…

After a remarkably eventful bus trip from Detroit I arrived in Philadelphia, slightly fatigued but alert enough to do the sightseeing stuff (therefore a 7 on my personal irritability index).

P1030672After moments of getting back on my feet, I stashed by bag at Union Station ($3.00) with Amtrak and then started my journey. Union station itself is again another one of America’s magnificent stations from all aspects which is another shining example of the Northeast corridor (which encompasses Boston and New York down to Washington DC with Philadelphia on the way to the latter.


P1030681Philadelphia is one of the older cities, and I made my first stop here as I tour the US. It’s home to the some historical things. Best to arrive much earlier in the day, and allow for some preparation in order to make use of your limited time.

Visits to the Liberty Bell whilst free require security checks and with the sheer amount of people visiting can have you standing in line for a long period of time. Although I did snap an OK picture – there is a viewing window with some historical information walking just outside of the building. I saved a good 35 minutes I guess.




I also looked around the wider city, there is a variety of sights along the main street with food a shopping available.


Reading Market feat. ‘Philly Cheese Steak’


So whilst I encountered Detroit’s Markets which is the biggest in the USA apparently (in summer), Reading offers a lot more inside in regards to eating.

Whilst in most parts of the East coast you should be able to find a ‘Philly Cheesesteak”. Which is shredded beef, salad (at your discretion) and cheese – something like that anyway. Yes yet another creation with cheese.


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