Parking the Car in Harvard Yard.

“Pawking the Caw in Hawvad Yawd”


I was glad to commit a day to Boston, and again realized I should have put more time into it.

Boston overall is a lovely city, and had a smaller town feeling than Philadelphia. Nicer in my opinion, but for different reasons.

This be a tram in my opinion.It’s transit system is one of the oldest in the nation (i.e., the oldest subway) but is easily navigable. I arrived at the bus terminal, which is connected to commuter trains and, the subway consisting of both underground trains and light rail.

I was luckily to check in early (8:30am) at the Abercrombie Farrington Inn. Although did despise the fact I was on the top floor. But the place itself was good. It was about a 14 minute ‘subway’ – although I dub it light-rail (or tram) from Boston Common, the heart of the wider city – which is essentially parkland.


P1030742I started my daysploring at the Visitors Centre at Boston Common. Here you’ll also so find some postcards and other toursit paraphernalia.

I decided to get a hop-on hop-off bus tour. I chose the one with the most value for me. Completed one loop. Quite factual, and I was the only person on the bus.

The Freedom Trail is a walking path, which you could ultimately spend the whole day doing, or about an hour if you ran it, which takes you to several key sites. The walk itself is free, though I picked up a informative brochure for $2.oo at the visitors center. Probably do some research before you arrive. It’s fairly historic, and lot’s of good photo opportunities. You’ll end up seeing most of the city also

Whilst on the Freedom Trail, I got into conversation with someone looking for donors to a charitable organization. I ended up having lunch with him and his team. Great to make new friends. But more on that in my Freedom Trail Post

The remainder of the evening I sampled a bit of Boston nightlife.

Things I forgot to do.

Well essentially didn’t have enough time: Visit the University District, indeed quite disappointed by this.


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