What the hell is a transfer?

Something I first encountered in Toronto was the ‘transfer ticket.’

Again, from Melbourne we don’t have this.

Essentially, most transit journeys in the US are for a single trip i.e., a single ride. But of course most journeys require you to change bus. Thus a transfer ticket allows that to happen without buying another single ride ticket. Similar occurrence happens on the subway/train whatevs.

Which you know, the intention of public transit here is to get you from A to B. Unless you get a day pass or all day ticket.


Each system has is quirk. For busses you typically ask for a transfer docket, which you can show/scan on your next boarding.

For rail, sometimes your ticket will automatically include it, or you will need to specifically get a transfer whilst in the station. This may mean seeking a machine which offers transfers.

Smartcard (tap on/tap off) systems usually calculate this automatically.

Saving more dosh

My grandparent were thrifty and kept the transfer ticket, and used it for the return journey. Some transit networks allow this, some don’t. This was in Mississauga using the ‘MiWay’ bus system.

In practice this works out to be a ‘2 hour’ equivalent ticket (for those in Melbourne).

But there ya go…


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