Lost in the Wilderness

It’s back to living in Melbourne. And really, it’s like trying to rediscover something almost innate. The sketchy on time running of trains, the light sequence at some favourite intersections, and the fact that when I drive I forget a rage a bit.

More importantly, I think it’s all due to the time spent abroad. Not bad, just different – and for most part, it’s all these debriefs that get me more depressed anyway about having left ‘The Zoo.’But I feel like I’ve been held captive, enjoying being spoon-fed, left to grow up, then released into the wild again to something that should indeed feel natural.

I’ve hit the ground running, and don’t believe I’ve had any time to myself. A good thing in some aspects, keeps me distracted – hell this is keeping me distracted.

But oh well.

  • I like rediscovering my friends.
  • I like using my skills I inherited from travelling and being on exchange.
  • I like my Tutor in my personal investment class.

Maybe that’s what I should do, focus on personal investment.


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