Yet another rebranding.

Today Metlink, or the trading name has officially ended. It will now be called Public Transport Victoria effective Monday, 2 April 2012.

No not an April Fool’s day joke, but it appears that the Baillieu government has gone ahead to rework Metlink, into the Public Transport Development Authority. See:

As in line with the Coalitions plans, they are to create the authority to oversee all public transport planning. As opposed to the myriad of established organizations that once oversaw respective parts of the network. Even though the Minister for Transport still oversees it all, we’ll this shiny new organization will be the blanket name.

Their corporate site informs us that:

PTV was established in April 2012 with the aim of improving public transport in Victoria by:

  • Ensuring better coordination between modes
  • Facilitating expansions to the network
  • Auditing public transport assets
  • Promoting public transport as an alternative to the car
  • Acting as a system authority for all public transport and an advocate for public transport users.


So still wondering about all the other organizations like say VicTrack.

But for most part, it’s needed. Metlink was merely a communication tool for the public to have access to PT info. PTV will now incorporate planning and development. So there ya go.

I was keen to see a Melbourne version of “Transport for London.” Which also includes roads, cycle safety, roadworks.

The Victorian Party would implement a fully integrated Transport for Melbourne website, unlike any other previous government.


More stickering/destickering in the next couple of years.

It appears rebranding is on the way

Expect metlink logo’s to slowly be removed.



Tron Lord@TRON_Lord: @InfoVic this is a new authority – it’s f__king MetLink with a new name. This is atrocious propaganda from @TedBaillieu

Fake Metro Trains@fakemetrotrains: If you think about it, the Metlink to PTV rebranding is nothing more than “Malibu Stacy WITH A NEW HAT!”. #MetroTrains RT by @ChrisTagle


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