I’ll fight ya!

So it’s one of those evenings out in the city and it is home time. Bus, train, tram – all the same; especially with the crowds.

Last week me an some friends were returning after these said nights out. On the train we sit behind an agitated. Looking forward to the trip home we discuss how well the evening has gone and other banter.

Behind us the gentlemen rather agitatedly told us to shutup. And continued rather aggressively. I mean we were at a suitable volume, of course to his wishes I quietened down slightly.

What continued was aggressive mutterings, and the general drivel like ‘want to be a hero… et al.’ The journey progressed mostly uneventufully, and we kept an eye out on ‘Mr. Hero’ who stared me down through the reflection in the windows – which I thought was hilarious.

But in retrospect, I think there would have been far more suitably hilarious ways to respond and/or drive the gentlemen into stupor or rage.

1. Start serenading him. “I can be your hero baby”
2. Pretend to be a black woman. “Aww, hell to the no!”
3. Play the homo queen.. “Hey mister, ur cute when ur angry ;)”
4. Use the racist card (expect derogotory throwbacks)
5. Be even more incoherent using incomplete sentences and.
6. Use nursery rhymes into important sounding question. “Did jack and jill go up that hill… Mate. Question Mark.”

See if people want to go me, and I’m wise enough to work the situation – I will go you mofo (in a reasonably hilarious fashion.)

Sitations are often predictable. They escalate to either something dangerous, or something that you must monitor. If in doubt, move away, or Call 000.


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