Watch a Kangaroo do the splits.

An article in The Age writes about the impending structural change (oh how they keep coming). A fair amount of work is going to ‘building’ Australia’s flag carrier.
Stock Photo (The Age)

One thing to highlight is the change to an independent running an international arm and separate domestic arm. Alan Joyce says: “Formally separating the management of Qantas International and Qantas Domestic will ensure that we can independently run each business according to its specific priorities and market conditions.” Although, one questions why a business wouldn’t have done this in past.

Four business will now exist. Domestic, International, Jetstar (JQ) and QF’s Frequent Flyer operations. Bruce Buchanan as JQ’s executive will stay for six months, then stick in as an advisory role. He will then pursue something along the lines of female beauty products in Asia. Fair enough. With this split, Qantas depending on how much the entity as a whole is changing modify it’s operations including licenses, including workarounds with the law to allow foreign ownership, like Emirates potentially owning up to a third of Qantas domestic.

But in other news a number of other things are going on like the already heavily publicized termination of Qantas maintenance facilities in the state of Victoria and other job cuts. Some other mediocre changes include a revamp of uniforms (which I’m quietly excited about). Qantas is working to boost it’s domestic offerings in regards to frequency. 747’s are also noted to return on the PER-SYD sector, with Virgin Australia pushing it’s A330 product there.

Qantas Counts the Cost
(Massive drop: Qantas axes 500 jobs as profits fall 83 per cent News Corp, 2012)

Kind of interesting considering though, in regards to the split. Competitor Virgin Australia has done opposite, working hard with their restructure to unite its international operations (which are quite small, relative to Qantas’) and its domestic operation (which is certainly gaining traction). This included a massive change of product, providing business customers with as close an experience with the Virgin edge. Business lounges, innovative business sweeteners (like being dropped off at check-in) and route and frequency improvements.

All though is this really new in the airline world? Malaysian Airlines has also gone through its own restructure also, especially with the advent of it’s entry into the OneWorld alliance. A lot has gone into making old systems more efficient. Though at least it’s domestic  and international are also going to be visually different with separate liveries being heralded. Probably unlikely to be seen in Australia, although their the operations are generally separate anyway.

It’s funny how I write this, because originally I just wanted to express my interest in the new Malaysia Airlines (International) livery. Oh how time flies. Further discussion on that on

Oh, BTW. I couldn’t find any videos of Kangaroos doing the split, but I think this should suffice.
Tie Me Kangaroo Down Sport


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