A Weekend for Change

What do you get when you put around seventy young people in the guiding hands of YMCA’s taskforce for Youth Parliament?

A whole lotta fun.

This weekend was training camp for us, and we smashed it. I was so inspired to be introduced to these people who are coming from all parts around Victoria and are bringing their stories, their experiences and their stake, channelled as one voice for the future.

YMCA runs the Youth Parliament scheme design to provide 16 to 25 year olds the opportunity to propose their own bill and bring this to the table. This weekend was is in the lead up to the 9-day residential camp and the formal debating of bills in the Victorian Parliamentary chambers during the first week of July. We were lucky enough to sample YMCA’s Lake Dawar camp in Baccus Marsh.

conference centre

Photo: YMCA Camps – Lake Dewar

A fresh breeze through Parliament has yielded some of these ideas being adopted by the youth parliament and then passed to the government at the conclusion. Some, have even progressed and have made it’s way into the fine weave of the fabric that is our legislation!

Our team at Swinburne University (Fb) this year has a wide array of people from different faculties and various backgrounds. With an eye for education and wider social issues, sexuality education encompassing current education practices and the modern needs for the current generation was seen as to have room for improvement.

Other teams have provided scope for providing better support for disabled students, promoting primary school aged children partake in personal and community building activities, reducing congestion in our suburbs; all these examples of how everyone is effected and the opportunities that lie for better policy to be in place.

Incorporating young people to engage sends a message is being sent across to the government – and they know what is at stake. Importantly it is that these voices are heard and have a proper domain to inspire real debate. Our future is in our hands and it’s our time to shine. Let’s do this.

Chris Tagle: Premier for Youth Parliament 2012.

For more information, please contact: 0431 888 380, or email tagle(at)live.com.au
You will be directed to our Youth Parliament’s Communication team!


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