Crowd sauce – tastes great.

CrowdSauce It seems the ingredients of merely information and productivity on the internet have taken a step up. This, I believe is an awesome thing, and a sign that the market and job opportunities are going to change in future if not already. Or we could just be on the cusp of seeing a new digital market for temporary work going online. Either way we have to deal with it.

Crowd sourcing! What is it you might ask? No it’s not emptying a ketchup bottle to the audience in front of you. If you thought it involved trains and riding on top of them – you are also at the wrong page – but you don’t have to leave.


Wikipedia has this:

Crowdsourcing is a process that involves outsourcingtasks to a distributed group of people. This process can occur both online and offline,[1] and the difference between crowdsourcing and ordinary outsourcing is that a task or problem is outsourced to an undefined public rather than a specific body, such as paid employees.

I like to think it’s like a craigslist or gumtree that had kids with Facebook, and focussed only on one thing, and did it well. Just like Apple, but without the white/polished metal. But it narrows down the focus to particular objectives. This way you aren’t presented too much of a choice, because let’s face it – you’re busy, or like to think that. You probably aren’t if you are reading this. Anyway…

Crowd sourcing has existed for eons. Emperor penguins huddle together in groups helping to share heat. Probably not hot enough to cook an egg. Proof.

I’ve really been fortunate enough in my friend circles to have people start up or be part of the some awesomesauce teams. Most I actually use myself in some way shape or form in past or future. For a number of reasons I think it puts the power back to the people’s hands. You aren’t paying some corporate schmo some money to do something.

But I thought to myself, you really couldn’t outsource anything… Or could you. Like getting stuff done, errands and such. Maybe perhaps getting something delivered. Accommodation? Definitely on a travellers mind. On that note, how about airfares! There’s an option for EVERY single one, and I shall provide you a low-down on such potential.

Airtasker – Do me!

This one I only bumped into more recently. (Like not more than an hour ago). But locally focussed on getting stuff done. This is probably the most broad, anything from cleaning the house, to helping do the dishes, filling out tax returns or finding something to do. If you’re like me a jack-of-all-trades (well kinda) this is pretty cool. (@Airtasker)

MeeMeep – Move me!

Mover? Shaker? It doesn’t matter. The inspiration behind this was those countless empty trucks, empty side seat, or that extra pocket in my sling bag when I cycle through the city. Capitalise on that space, and help someone out in doing so. Perhaps your on your way to work, somebody may have a coinciding route for their huge package. (Giggity). But really, I made a quick buck or too heading out to Geelong the other day. For the delivery, not my huge package. Too easy! (@MeeMeep_com)

Airbnb – Stay with me!

I loved using this travelling through America! You meet some amazing people throughout your travels. But how goes it. People rent out their own house (yes that unused space) to randoms like yourself. You get a comfy place, sometimes a little extra (like food, new friends, washing machines (you laugh at that, but seriously when travelling this is a luxury)). I saved a few dollary-doos and it definitely was worth it! (@Airbnb)

Flightfox – Fly with me!

One of my personal favourites. The idea is genius. Don’t spend time fantasizing about some trip. Plan someone else’s and get paid for it. Or, let the intense flight hackers strike you up some awesome deals. It works well as the commissions are fairly transparent, and it caters specifically to your needs. So if you had your sixteen wives brought to your cavernous mansion in the middle of nowhere (hypothetical – just sayin’) – you’d find a deal. OK, bad example, but this one is definitely on my books next time I fly out… If it isn’t me flying my own plane out – but hey I could probably sell those extra sets myself. (@flightfox)


Have you been able to find other crowd-sourcing pages?


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