International Farewell

This post originally was intended for publish at the end of last semester. A lost draft, or maybe a memoir. Who knows

It’s very interesting having been a study abroad student, and now this time being on the receiving end of this relationships with students studying abroad here. There’s something very special about the breed of student and the relationships you make when traveling and doing exchange.

Your international peers become friends that you are probably closer to, than at home occasionally. They have to be. You have that drive to go out, to do things and to really live because the “if today was your last day sentiment plays in the back of your mind. Limits are pushed and you set new boundaries (or get rid of them).

I remember, my awkward little self on a journey of self discovery, and a re-awakened sense of self. Its a sense of redefining the liberty of your being in the world of other people, of education and business, when you break down these global borders. Friendships and experiences transcend these borders.

This time I’m not saying good-bye. To our departing exchange students we say to each other, see you later – and mean it. I remember writing that id be certain to be Michigan again – and our friends will be back in Melbourne, just remember the average life expectancy is over 75, at least 50 years opportunity.

We live our lives day by day. But for most of us, it’ll be the same ‘next year,’ and our routine plans played out in this rat race. Study abroad puts you on edge, one of the most efficient ways to absorb a culture, make the greatest of friends and really face the reality that the world is highly internationalized.

See the world through its borders.


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