Racing the rat.

I feel this is more a stream of consciousness sprint, meddled with emotion. For that reason I’m overtly unspecific and feebly descriptive. But this is more or less me.

I thought I had life planned out. Sometimes not. Maybe it’s new opportunity and my short attention span. But I am realistic.

Things can come to a crashing end. I also potentially let it happen. That makes me feel overwhelmingly responsible, but at the same time a series of unique circumstances and unfortunate events allow this seeming threats to evade detection until they catastrophically amalgamate into a black abyss of blind suffering.

I believe in life success is granted. If you are realistic you can achieve. And the effort that goes in must come out, similar to Einstein and his equation. There are no multipliers however efficiency can lead to quicker or multiple outcomes in a shorter timeframe.

But a strong facade, of unyielding traditions and habits which has led to the name of Tagle, a brand I have managed to market successfully, faces internal issues. Under the clockwork like menace, personal tribulations play out cancerously. A radiant self, like the sun, seethes under the surface, occasionally this fiery warmth which radiates on occasion in vibrant waves, however black spots, pits of darkness which relative to the warmth are bitterly sporadic and turbulent.

But whilst a sun shines there exists the comet; a mysterious beauty exudes, with an icy and delicate but hardy core. The gravitational pull of others has swung me out into and out of a stupor, but perhaps not sufficient to reorient an orbit which faces a tragic future, a collision course.

However on this journey, the warmth from passing bright suns, points of energy, has allowed me to emit a trail of discovery and something of high worth, however it feels often deceptively effortless. Complex process produces visibly successful results but the core is being disintegrated with an intensity that holds no measure albeit with the slow corruption of time.

I appear to achieve success but I think this is deceiving. It does not create a successful being. It’s hardly what matters, because the life long tale that perception is reality. Essentially it is cheating and a trait all are guilty to some varying extent. We will all die for it.

So I will part with my thoughts before your very eyes. A fortune I’ve inherited that is ill defined and requires a reworked level of monitoring.

The rat has lost the cheese by poor fortune. The cheese may be a target the rat no longer knows why he/she is looking for it.


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