The life worth living.

About this time last year I had left Australia to set off on what would be a wondrous journey abroad in the US on Study Abroad. I think it’s all about getting involved, meeting new people, reflecting on what’d going on and where you need to be.

Undeniably I miss WMU, Kalamazoo, it’s people and my friends. If you haven’t gathered from here, it’s just been such a fantastic time.

However life is what you make it. And I think a foreign perspective locally is a good one. It’s all too very easy to lapse back into habit. Same old perspective. Same old things. Same old habits.

This is what I find refreshing about moving. So very much into considering moving abroad temporarily after a graduate. Summer camp? More travel?

I dunno. Just need to graduate and finish of my commitments first.

2012-02-01 20.30.44

On the approach at LAX.

Forever skywards.


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