Whine appreciation.

I’ve been thinking and I’m quite interested to figure out if people are where they wanted to see themselves after their time in tertiary study. Or did the a new path you discover turn out to be the right one? I’m having fascinating conversations with people who go to University. There are many out there who don’t go into their nominated field or their course. I wonder.

Is it the fault of the education system, or is it that opportunities out there simply don’t exist anymore from whence we chose them typically half a decade ago in Year 9 while we were happily not paying attention to our careers counsellor.

We’re being trained in so many specific fields that this training then goes to waste with graduates who occasionally may not actually even study in their field. This also got me thinking. Breadth. Practical skills.

If we’re teaching breadth, why waste it on useless (I use that loosely) studies. Sure if it helps employment go for it. But at university?

This is where I feel a high school education lacked.

We didn’t do civics (or we hardly do it to any decent standard). Most people are expected to fill out tax returns, hell most people don’t even know what a mortgage is. Voting, and democracy – why isn’t it just a waste of time. Simple banking. Relationships, yeah; people skills, and conversing rather than drinking to do it. It’s frustrating and the more I think about it, the people should feel underprepared. (Oh, also. Cooking). I digress. It’s these foundations that enable further self-learning in future. Not playing catch-up.

I believe practical skills which then go straight into the workforce are best done at TAFE. If anything we should be expanding TAFE, to give people raw skills, and practical skills rather than subsidize university students gallivanting around on tax payer money in regards to breadth. If you are a university student you probably should be intelligent enough to comprehend the remainder of life’s educational challenges. (That’s not to say TAFE students need it also, I’d like to imply that TAFE students get more bang for buck with their studies).

I’m really just whining on not wanting my tax payer dollars used on some wine appreciation class snobbery. That is all.


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