Michigan Fun Facts (versus my home State in Australia)

So having lived in Michigan, USA and also Victoria, Australia I perused through some statistics. Being the nerd that I am, I liked looking at some of the physical statistics.


State of Michigan
State of Michigan

  • Part of the Midwest, although geographically not.
  • Occasionally very cold.
  • Surrounded by America’s great lakes.
  • Defined by two peninsula. A.k.a.: The Mitten. Up top folk are Yoopers. (Upper Peninsula folk).
  • Capital is Lansing, not Detroit.
  • Henry Ford, William Boeing, Sr, Tim Allen from MI. (The Latter having went to Western Michigan University)
  • Domino’s Pizza was actually founded there. (As was Little Ceasars)
  • Highest number of golf courses and registered snowmobiles in the nation.
  • Longest freshwater coastline that belongs to a state of a country.
  • Peak mean temperature in summer is 84/29 (Detroit)
  • Peak minimum temperature in winter is 21/-6 (Detroit)


State of Victoria
State of Victoria
  • 2nd most populous state in Australia
  • Silly weather. Gets fairly hot though in Summer.
  • Named after Queen Victoria.
  • Capital is Melbourne. Could have actually been Batmania, after being founded by John Batman (and John Pascoe Fawkner).
  • Hosted the 1956 Olympics and 2006 Commonwealth Games.
  • Has the Grand Prix, Australian Open and AFL Grand Final (kinda like a Superbowl with a lot less advertising).
  • 2000km of coastline.
  • Mean temperature in summer is 26C
  • Mean temperature in winter is 13.4C

Michigan is 2/3rds the size of Victoria.

MI: 56,804 sq mi. (147,122 km2 )

VIC: 87,806 sq mi (227,416 km2


However Victoria has a population just under 2/3rds the size of Michigan.

MI: 9,876,187 (2011)

VIC: 5,603,100 (2012)


Gross state product (GSP)

MI: $384.1 billion US, ~$39,000 per capita

VIC: $293 billion AUS, ~A$53,000 per capita


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