Hey Engineer/Industrial Scientist,

It’s me again. How are you? I really want to catch up, I had heaps of fun last time and glad this thing didn’t burn out.

Maybe we can chill at Level 10 ATC and watch the sunset together, but lets see what ENsues.

I think we have some kind of chemistry. I guess it’s such a force between us, physical attraction perhaps. You’d have to mechanically separate us because, I’m so electrically charged. But let’s keep it civil.

I just want to fly high with you, astrophysically higher than the astronomer can see, so far I can’t mathematically add it all up. Maybe dance like a robot when we reach the stars.

Please check your email. My friend Thomas Munro sent it. If you truly love me, you’ll click on the link and find me. I might just be an undergrad in FEIS, but hopefully you can give me the tick of approval?

Forever yours,
Chris Tagle


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