So I’m doing a digital detox. Not quite fully. Just off Facebook because that’s where I spend a majority of my time.

I think I’ve scared a few people into thinking I’m going to do something rash by saying “goodbye world.” Probably not the best start. I’m okay. Plus I wouldn’t tell you anyway, that’s like cheating.

Too far? Probably. I admit, I have a problem: the world sucks, but I get over it, build… improve… It works out. *continued frustration*

Anyway. After a history of distraction and ultimate frustration, I’m going cold turkey on Facebook.

I’m impulsive. The kinda bad type of impulsive that makes you buy a puppy when out shopping, or getting a giant Frappe (or Ice Blend as I learnt today).

The problem is, I can shutoff the negativity. (Which yes is equivalent of turning off a bit of the world) Kind of scary when you think about it. On Facebook there’s a lot of people bagging each other out, trolling and just general stupidity.

I haven’t been careful with selecting friends

However on twitter, or linked in I get to choose more easily. I don’t get silly responses. Same here. And there is less of a hubbub of unfriending someone.

Anyway, progress. It’s been good. I have just done 2000 words on a research thing. And have to do it again for something else… I also have a presentation to do. Not only that but another 2000 word report.

I’m a great procrastinator. I guess that is also a reason why I writing this. Self-distraction. However it’s a release.

So for those who’ve just caught up:
I haven’t been kidnapped, whether by my own self or someone else
I’ve logged out of Facebook, however have NOT deactivated. My cellphone does manage to send me Fb message.
I’m still using basically everything else, I.e. TW, LI, YT, Insta, Ergh. It never ends.

I’m not crazy, just a little unwell.



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