Secret turmoil.

I think it’s really fascinating how I’ve managed to use my blogging domain as a source of excellent intel for people who are interested in the inner workings of what’s going on in my life. I honestly don’t intend this to be a rant page, it’s not productive and I want my readers to actually get something from this. So yes, I promise I will return to doing more travel based reviews, especially with putting up stuff I promised to do a while ago (oh and my other quasi-political and Melbourne related posts) – in due time.

Quick updates:

  • completed classes for 2012.
  • submitted 100+ page of a research report, which might be presented at an Industry seminar
  • I plan to finish mid-year 2013
  • flying still on hiatus
  • currently listening to Kelly Clarkson
  • planning a visit to the USA next year, if the scenario permits.

On a more serious note, and back to my main point: I am only beginning to recover from a severely high cognitive load, emotional stress and psychosocial issues. (Whoa Chris, are you really putting this all up here!) Sounds serious doesn’t it.

Most people don’t realise it.

Whether it’s happening to you or it is happening to friend; you need to tell someone. I fell into a trap of false stability. Life just feels obliteratingly suppressing – it’s not supposed to.

If it feels wrong it probably is, if you get through it successful a tremendously valuable learning experience at a huge risk, alternatively you will crash and burn. (I sound like one of my flight instructors of yesteryear)

For me, I sat on these thoughts, rather logically too. I was glad I have people in my networks who know how it is, and who have been through it all and definitely worse. You do too.

So my advice is, get support and get it early. You have nothing to lose in doing so, and even if it wasn’t fruitful you assure yourself of awesome friends and networks.

I’d also like to ratify how important campaigns like R U OK, It Get’s Better or #lefthand are. That’s about it for now. I think. I’m sure I have a lot of other exciting things that are happening…

OMG Chris is turning emo.


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