Big gains for the sinking of steel.

Commentary on the article from The Age

Courtesy of The Age


A NEW train line connecting the Glen Waverley and Dandenong railway lines would stop at Chadstone Shopping Centre as part of a bold $2 billion plan to bury part of the Glen Waverley line.

A private consortium wants government money to help build the new Chadstone station and subway tunnels, which would remove six of the eastern suburbs’ most dangerous level crossings and free up valuable land for development.

The heavy-hitting consortium, which includes NAB, Thiess, Hassell, Grimshaw Architects and KPMG among others, has proposed linking Chadstone to the rail network by digging a tunnel between the Glen Waverley and Dandenong lines.
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This was something I expected to be originally achieved by the MTM John Holland consortium. The most they’ve achieved seems to be a tuck shop attached to Caulfield station.

It has always been one of my ideas I’ve considered and those of many others to develop prime real estate over sunk train lines. However we must be extremely careful how much we are sacrificing it by handing it all over to private enterprise. A win win perhaps, but the devil lies in the detail. Why don’t eh do this for the East West link?

But wait for criticism, Camberwell cannot be touched. Jolimont is already in the works, and well the North South Metro will continue to be in the works…



Anyway, Something I whipped up on the tram, how the metro could look attached below.

Interesting to note, I’ve suggested that Cranbourne becomes a Burnley group train, and potentially running as a partial expresses from Oakleigh onwards. Hypothetically a 15 minute interpeak frequency on the new Pakenham line and also a 15 minute frequency on Glen Waverley could mean 7 minute frequency at stations between East Malvern and Burnley. With a well running stopping all stations Cranbourne line could unlock relief in the growing Dandenong corridor. This relieves congestion around Caulfield (although this isn’t a such a massive problem at the moment) and would be ideal to triplicate tracks from Oakleigh to Dandenong.

Peak becomes a different story as Burnley group already feels congestions in the morning and Glen Waverley line runs direct to Flinders Street. Opportunities? I think so.



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