‘SA good.

I’m a long haul traveller. But since when did going from Melbourne to Adelaide become long-haul?10.5 hours cruising at an average speed of 85km/h, this 828km is about the journey. A lots changed since I last went on this trip. The train carriages hadn’t been refurbished, and the experience has certainly changed on what I believe is certainly an example of Australian long-distance rail travel.

Maybe half a decade ago I remember gawking at being able to see the tracks in the lavatory. No, waste didn’t fall there but it was where the handwash water would go. Now it’s vacuum retention. The seats were squishy, and I would sink into them and fall asleep. The updated decor is pleasant, cleaner and at least hails from this decade, unlike those of past.

Australian rail has a unique identity which largely differs, elements which I don’t think are replicated. In the states, I think the majority of Amtrak is commuting; though it is true there are some great trips. perhaps travel is journeying is less appreciated unless your a tourist or from Florida. In the UK, you wouldn’t expect any nice long journeys. Europe has both fundamentals of commuting and full experience journeys.

Be it as it may, some people don’t prefer sitting hours on end watching scenery go buy. At this point id like to inform the availability of some nice wines on board. It got me thinking, can you push the boundaries and sell a commuting experience? Get rid of the tourist bells and whistles, chuck in some WiFi and bolster frequency? Maybe not, unless you got some faster trains.

Anyway, we’re ten minutes out from arriving in Adelaide, and am reminded I’m arriving a distance away from the CBD. Eh. A bit of a way to go…


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