Kuala bears and lumper doompa’s.

It’s day one here in KL, and I think I got more sleep on the bus from KLIA-LCC than I did on the aeroplane! I’ve never travelled LCC for long hauI and not surprising is you get what you pay for. Luckily I will admit the duty free cognac helped on the aeroplane. I just had one fo the worst seat neighbors ever, however I passed myself out at about 3am Melbourne time.

First stop was trying to find the bus at the terminal. It’s past where domestic departures is, so have a stroll down to where all the busses are at. Do explore. Otherwise I would have been stuck over planning while sitting on a bench at Starbucks. I decided against, and then headed to McDonalds, just for kicks. I promise not to do it again.

I got to my very budget accommodation off Petaling street, the famous Chinatown precinct. Ive never been so excited to have air conditioning after trying to figure out how it works. The ensuite bathroom needs some work (a lot), easy off bam would have trouble with It. Probably carcinogenic. Anyhoo, outside, I do like all the market stalls, there’s certainly a buzz. Plenty of other tourist and all in all felt fairly safe. KL is very much a tourist city, and I’ve been fairly decent with my gestures and simplified grunted English.

I enjoyed lunch, with what I gathered was the safest thing for me (with a nut allergy); the rice chicken at 4.50RM I wasn’t complaining. Tasted good too. Went all around the markets, found some model aeroplanes, your various legit looking bags and wearables and then I found more food stalls.
If you ever do go, make sure you do go further out of just Petaling street, its whole district.


Food is easy, my new favorites being tempura style fruit/veg like banana a banan fritter, or other fruits I dont know. I briefly panicked when I considered they could have used Peanut oil. I should get that checked out. I some forums I was reading, even the mayonnaise had Peanuts in it!

Anyway. Commuting is a breeze. I bought a RapidCard which is only RM12 with 10RM credit. Sure beat myki. Easiest way to travel, however you will need to approach a desk to get on from a ticketing agent. They do not come from machines. (myki is one up in this regard). Each individual trip is charged, and there are no caps. In this regard, As a full fare here, it would take about 20RM to hit about the same as a daily cap with Myki. About 7 average trips. Did I mention the LRT counts down arrival by seconds!

Anyway. I visited the Patronas towers. It’s about 25AUD to head up to level 41/42 where the bridge is. The spires were built in Korea and the other in Japan. Athe building is 88 storeys high, and has the highest double storey bridge in the world. There’s an education centre on the basement floor, where you can literally chill out in the dense airconditioning (I’m not great in heat, and practically sweat like buckets the instant I walk outside.

Anyway, I ended up across the road looking for the Malaysian Tourist Info Centre, which apparently is no longer here. I short stroll down from where it used to be is ‘The Library’ part of Avenue K which I guess was a shopping precinct, however at present is going through a reconstruction. I went for an early dinner of late lunch, and couldn’t help myself with three pints for the price of one. Hopefully ill make it home, minus the regret on carbs. Menu is suitably prices, so expect above average prices for Malaysia, however the venue is chic and the food is enjoyable. Don’t expect American gargantuan meals though.

My mission tomorrow is to spend less than 20AU for food for the whole day. Roughly translated I believe it’s something like 50RM.

Anyway, assuming I got out minus some wrong turns and bathroom issues, I think I better get exploring again.


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