Heaven Getting Better Transport

Forensics, Fossils and Fruitbats

It seems my friends have taken to dying in winter. Two years ago I lost four people I knew in one month, none of whom were over 55. I was only ever close to one of them, but it was a pretty horrifying tally, made worse by the number of young children left behind. Fortunately it didn’t go up until roughly the same time last year, when I found myself back at Springvale Cemetery, a place I had never had to visit before 2011. 12 months later, and I was there again for the funeral of Deborah Cass, a woman who inspired many of my friends (and my father considered one of his star students), but someone I largely knew as the sister of my good friend Dan.

Two weeks later it’s another huge blow to all that is good about Melbourne with the death of Paul Mees announced…

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