Golden Gaytimes (Reflection on Queer Collaborations Conference)

I suddenly realize how inappropriate it is to title a blog about a conference for LGBT+ people in Sydney, but they were indeed fun times!

Queer Collaborations has been a fantastic opportunity to network, and discover so much more about queer* issues. For me I think I’ve had a lot of personal growth both in myself, as a young guy and for the cause. Importantly why congregate in Sydney for such a reason?

Well firstly, it’s a fantastic opportunity to unite the cause in one location with individuals from all around Australia. For that, I am quite pleased in meeting people from all around the country, discovering new opportunities, new thoughts and stories that really put into perspective about what the queer fight is about (and queer celebration)!

I represented Swinburne University, and now that I had continued on with some other ‘study’ at RMIT, I got a more intimate knowledge of how collectives run across the country. I think what’s useful is that it is very difficult to get such a perspective without meeting face-to-face or listening to these stories in person.

Similarly, skill-sharing and workshops were fantastic and truly expose the depths of the cause. I have heightened respect for those who combat daily struggles, a systemic failure of our society and to draw new lines as we move forward. Issues like transphobia, religion v homosexuality, scene safety are just some fascinating issues with urging action.

I ran a couple of workshops on developing individuals within organizations and establishing renewed vision. I think importantly collectives need to unite their cause and strengthen their objectives in their day to day operations and longer term goals. I hope the tools and exercises help those out their achieve their best.

I think any queer individual and those interested enough should really invest time and resources into this. I’ve left with some fantastic new friends, great new experiences and moving our cause forward. It’s going to be fantastic hosting QC14 in Melbourne at Monash University. Good luck guys.


4 thoughts on “Golden Gaytimes (Reflection on Queer Collaborations Conference)

  1. What do you mean exactly by ‘scene safety’? It sounds as if there’s some ‘threats’ posed to gay men that are not present in any other grouping.

    1. I think there’s a level of concern out there that could relate to individuals out there who end up doing parties, drugs, unsafe practices and that there are always strategies to use rather than ‘do nothing’ essentially.

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