Aviation websites

Some cool aviation based websites I’ve bumped into, some good, some more commercial – have you bumped into these before?

Will hopefully add to this very vague list.


Australian Business Traveller
Good for industry news, frequent flyer information.

Australian Frequent Flyer
Good if you want the nitty gritty, about seats, points, and some things about airlines you don’t hear about in the news. Mostly people having a go at airlines.

Aviation Herald
Really good for factual information on global aviation incidents, and good for statistics and information.

Professional Pilots Rumour Network
Would be called amateur pilots network, lots of goss and speculation on everything. Worth gauging the industry. I’d

Some great resources if you are doing flight training, and trying to get your head around some CPL and ATPL theory concepts. Based on Swinburne’s courses, however syllabus is identical across the board.

Exactly what it says, tap into the live streams of aircraft chatter from around the world. Can be good to learn how to make radio calls to if you are in training.

I’d also recommend getting a twitter and just searching a few good #aviation or #avgeek things. (Heck, if you Bing things about ‘graduate programs and aviation’ you never know what you can find. Happy flying.


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