Gmail to Gmail–Good Grief

Surprisingly technology doesn’t make it easy.image

If I want to move my physical mail from one address to another; that’s easy. But an email account? With a profile, location history, conversations, archives… blah, blah, blah. No. Not easy.

But I was looking into how to move Youtube, Blogger and Picasa accounts – I thought it was impossible (and still kinda is).

There might be a way:

How To Transfer / Merge Your Google+ Accounts

G+ transfers are via Google Takeout which seems by far the most hand off approach, but only for G+.

Blogger transfer

It seems you have to add an account user to your blog, and migrate any blogger hosted pictures. If you deal 100% in text then your fine. I don’t use mine anyway.


Photo transfers to a new account is a one off. But still possible. It cannot be undone.

YouTube channel to a different Google Account

On the off chance you have a “legacy YouTube account” – that is one before 2009, and pretty much untouched for the last couple of years – you can simply unlink your accounts. But unless you’ve been living under a rock, you don’t fall under this category. So no, you probably can’t switch over.

Sigh. Well no looks like you can’t get rid of a dud email address, that has now infiltrated every account linked with Google.

At least Live, gave users an Outlook alias. Although too late for me, I adopted too early and setup an Outlook account which now gathers dust.



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