Streetcars in Kalamazoo

Not another one of my exchange stories, but a pretty cool discovery. Again, a lot of parallels between Melbourne and Kalamazoo. I was doing random online things, and firstly learnt about America (USAs) The Great American Streetcar Scandal.

Fortunately, Melbourne has retained a bit of the former system. (But what are you talking about Chris, we have a huge system). Well it actually turns out, whilst we’ve opened some new lines, we’ve actually closed down heaps. Like the St Kilda to Black Rock line (which actually connected to a Horse run tram from Cheltenham) if you are from my neck of the woods.

Anyway, I also learnt that my old college town in Kalamazoo, MI actually had trams as well (then it got bought out, then secretly sold to GM). And some other ‘research.’ Really cool finding heaps on this ‘ole town. Went nuts over some old transit photos. Also, MLive had some other tracks that got dug up in Saginaw. Fairly similar to how in Melbourne we dug up some 19th century tracks too.

I unearthed this postcard:

What’s even cooler:


I’m not gonna tell you where, but the locals will know Winking smile (That or read of the Google Maps imprint.)

And in some later research, found out how extensive the network actually was:


Read more here:


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