Chris Tagle’s Americacoming (USA 2.0!) – Itinerary and Travel Plans

So here’s a quick low-down if anybody wants to catch up with me whilst I’m in Americaville. Pretty hectic schedule; but hopefully I catch up with all y’all!


Dec 21 – I leave MEL at 7:10AM ADL/KUL/MNL (12:10AM +1)

22 – I bum around MNL Delta Skylounge, then go via NRT/SFO then Arriving at LAX 3:26PM on Delta Flight 5845. Try and do WeHo?

23 – LA – Something, something? Hoping not to be Jetlagged.

24 – LA – Realised I don’t have enough time for LA. SHOPPING. ZUMBA. lol.

25 – LA – Leave LAX at 11:39PM (Great red-eye flight, lose a coupla hours)

26 – Arrive in BOS on JetBlue B6 688 at 7:59AM. I’m staying at the HI on Stuart Street. Visiting the Fine Arts Museum and Northeastern Uni Campus. Catching up with some amazing people in general.

27 – Leave for NY at 12:15PM and arrive at Penn Station (NY) at 3:45PM. Watch Book of Mormon in the evening. Then leave for Toronto at 11:59pm on a bus. Backup plan is crash in NY then fly to Toronto later.

28 – Arrive in Toronto at 10:50am. I have 01:25 assuming there’s no snow-ins. Catch a train at 12:15pm to Windsor arriving at 4:26pm. Plan B is to take the later train.

29 – Grandma + fam!

30 – Snow fight. Lol.

31 – Leave for Detroit to catch a flight at 3:30pm DL 2504 (MD88! A Class!) arriving at 3:52pm. Find me in the Sky Lounge. NYE in Chitown!

Jan 1 – Happy New Years!

2 – Deep Pan Pizza’s

3 – Downtown mucking about

4 – Leave Chicago at 12:50pm for Kalamazoo on the Amtrak arriving at 4:08pm. Planning a night out maybe (Metro etc)?

5 – Brunch then Burdick’s in the evening maybe?

6 – More catching up on campus and exchange advising.

7 – Tieing myself to the flagpoles so I don’t leave.

8 – Leave Kalamazoo for Chicago to stay there overnight.

9 – Leave USA from Chicago 1035AM on DL6012.

10 – This day doesn’t exist for me. Silly International D&T Line. I get a 364 day year!

11 – Arrive in MNL at 12:05AM (Saturday)

12 – Cousin’s Wedding

13 – Leave for Boracay at 2:55PM

14 – Resort kinda things

15 – Catching some rays (probably reading actually)

16 – Leave paradise at 0830 and arrive MNL at 0930. Flight at 0940PM for Singapore. TT2727

17 – Leave Singapore at 10:25pm for Gold Coast.

18 – Secret Business.

19 – Being kidnapped (no not really).

20 – Probably something else

21 – Wait is Chris gone?

22 – What time is it? 23 – Summertime?

24 – Pretty sure this is a cover, he’s actually in Melbourne but won’t say when.
Feb 3 – Brisbane/Canberra







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