Long Layover Lethargy

When I told people I was taking six flights to get from Melbourne (Australia) to Los Angeles, a lot of people questioned my sanity. By the end of my second flight, I started to question my own. But why?

Airfares are illogical (to normal people). I simply shopped around and found better options than simply flying Melbourne to Los Angeles directly, and saved money got way more value doing so. I’ll post up later about how this worked out financially.

But there’s the clichéd expression of the journey not the destination. That’s a lie when it involves air travel. But it was great overall seeing small parts (i.e. the transfer’s and departure floors of many countries.)

I actually had to pass immigration when travelling through Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur) and the Philippines (Manila). However for both it was either transiting between terminals. I did however get to see San Francisco in the three hours which was terrifically productive.

But I learnt a few things (well just vocalizing what I knew really)

  1. Moisturize and hydrate. Could not stress this enough. Flying dehydrates you like no tomorrow. And compound that with a lack of sleep, its news for breakouts. lol.
  2. Sleep cannot be taken for granted. Quality sleep onboard aircraft is hard. Even being blessed with a two empty seats next door; even trying to find a comfy position was mind-numbing.
  3. Electricity is a rare and valuable commodity. Most airlines aren’t equipped. Additionally once on the ground, low-budget terminals like KUL LCCT lack most luxuries.
  4. Budget airlines are exactly what they are; budget. Not only did one of my original flights get cancelled with one carrier, they put me the next available. And when you have half your itinerary dependant on that connection, my whole trip was at risk. This is another story.

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