Hello Chicago (Day 13)

(I forgot to publish this :/ im so behind) Ive probably got the hang of saying hello and goodbye so frequently by now. Its the tail end of my gallivanting and I can kinda settle more into vacation mode by spending more quality time in Chicago and Michigan.

I said farewell to my aunt, uncle, grandfolks and my cousins in Windsor to set off to Chicago to bring in the new years.

I did something a little different this time with my transit and I got a first class ticket on Delta from Detroit to Chicago. Kinda #yolo but it was a short sector and it was cheaper to go up a class than buy some extra bags. But sometimes on our travels and even in our lives you’ve gotta treat yourself, even just a little bit.


It paid off. I sat in the revered 1A seat. Had a nice lady sit with here puppy (although she had to move back to put the little one under a seat) and replaced with a well traveled gentlemen who shared the passion of flight. We had some good tales to share. It sure was exciting to get my airplane de-iced!

But on this quick flight , all you can do is enjoy the ride and sit back and relax. Another big adventure tonight and another fantastic day gone by. Simply the joy of travel.


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