27 Days Later

It’s been an amazing trek visiting around the world earlier this month. A lot has happened and naturally – you had to be there. 😉

2 Continents, 5 countries, 11 cities, 16 Flights, 82 hours sleep lost.

But you know, I think the greatest thing I’ve learnt was sometimes the best moments weren’t paid for, often unplanned, skirted with luck and sometimes pure magic. Needless to say there were certainly moments that blew me away, some that will be forever treasured. Great in retrospect but as it occurred to me in Kalamazoo, it’s important to live in the moment.

Learn from the past, live for the future.

I think writing this blog (a lot of my thoughts are unpublished; probably a good thing) and entering in my travel journal has been worthwhile reflecting on what happened during my travels. Especially as we all have a different perspective looking back on life.

I sound preachy, I guess that’s the mood I’m in. The instant we start school, work we seem to forget what we’ve just been doing, joining the rat race again (but we all need to). Especially when I have a new job in a city I’ve never even been to before (as of yesterday).

I used my student exchange analogy, when I shifted to a new university, or moving to a new locale. I think we are forever on exchange.


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