27 years from now I’ll be Fifty.

I had had a great conversation with my boss at lunch yesterda. It wasn’t too in depth, and it completely casual. But I realized that that I have already spent most of my life so far getting an edumacation, and that I’m about halfway to being fifty.

I usually avoid being alarmist. But I already give myself tales of childhood, youth, and those ‘back in my day’ tales. Like the fact that 10 years ago was when Mean Girls came out. Or back in the day, we only had three channels and another two if you had decent reception on analogue. (Hey, at least it was colour).


But if I showed an image of where I am today, to perhaps a 17 year old Chris Tagle, I’d be firstly like: ‘who the hell are you,’ and secondly, I’d be baffled as to how I have had such a raft of rich, and enlightening experiences. Also I guess I’d be surprised (and not surprised) at how I’m still partially frustrated with the world and life in general.

All the regrets, have been because I didn’t do something, not because I did.

But see, I never chose to do things. Opportunities came. Or I allowed them to come; anywhere. And as you gather matchsticks, it is later you can build a bridge out of them.

My realisation is that whilst it appears opportunities come to us; in hindsight we can often judge a series of actions that lead us to our destinations.

Do I have any advice for me? Well, I guess is to stop being so stubborn, and aim to make myself as uncomfortable as possible. Because if we start to relax, get too comfortable – we don’t move.

But if it’s something I’ve learnt so far. All the regrets, have been because I didn’t do something, not because ended up doing something I later regrated. 

And honestly, I’m still working on that. There’s that borderline between other people thinking your crazy (like the: “Chris, are you dying?” question). I’ve yet to receive it.

I’ve yet to be so bold.


That one time I was in Detroit on exchange in 2011.


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