‘Why not’ – Keeping the brain supple.

Chris Tagle writes on thinking, and learning outside of college.

I don’t want to get comfortable. And, I need to get out of the house. I fidget too much. Stimulation, the mental variety is the essence of life – for me anyway. And it’s time people break out of this comfort of ‘knowing enough’ – because you can never know enough.

You gotta think!


As far as living goes, I can’t see myself just staying at home,  working on some writing (things more substantial than this, I assure you); or plotting the take down of a political entity. But that happens anyway – behind closed doors. I digress.

New experiences broaden knowledge. Sitting in a lecture hall full of other students, might have been practically the day-to-day experiences of a college student. But as a graduate having finished college, and not as a student – this can only be one thing.

But here’s an exercise.

Is there a topic, or a thing happening that you’ve always pondered about, even briefly?

Okay great, I’m sure there’s something there.

Now, apart from using your computer and searched it online (and if you haven’t, how can you live with yourself in such an age of instant technology) have you found a way to gain more information about it?

  • Watched a Youtube video? That’s a start.
  • Gone to a Library, (or using a Kindle) found a book and read up on it. (Or if you’re like me, use an Audiobook). Even better.
  • Thought of doing a course, maybe picking up that language or learning those extra financial skills to fix up your budget?


But when you look back at the short list. It’s not that very hard. I guess by reading this, you have access to technology and important connected technology. I’d also assume you have some money.

My point is, that building knowledge, and skilling-up – is not a difficult affair at all.

It was more the reminder to myself that knowledge is free. However the wise actively seek it. 

I think as a college student, you’re allowed not to know things – however you’re always expected to know how to find it out. Once you leave that space, the idea of free thinking – is reduced to operational needs in the workforce, aided by the skills that you develop to achieve those goals. (Although, I guess if you are expected to do something, it’s that or get fired).

Practical thinking, however rarely mind expansive. It’s an application of knowledge, not the collection of it.

I think when people say ‘I don’t know’ – they should be asking themselves – ‘why not.’

I reflect on ‘why not’ for two reasons.

Challenge. Is it laziness? Unsure of where to get such info? Chicken? (Marty McFly reference)

Excite. Take the opportunity. Skill up. Make a new discovery.

I’m not here to direct learning, and as one of my professors used to say – the day you stop learning is the day you day (or retire).

Universities, and professional societies are still institutions for learning. Even if you don’t pay for it; and if you do – you’ve found the value in it.

I recently just astonished myself, about rediscovering ‘free lectures’ and ‘industry talks.’ This is a (small) tap of where knowledge flows out to the public. But not everyone drinks from it.

Society needs more thinkers.

And if you’ve ever looked down on someone because you thought they were ignorant– you’ll just become that person yourself.

finished first month of physics 101 is now the leading expert in quantum string theory on the internet - finished first month of physics 101 is now the leading expert in quantum string theory on the internet  College Freshman

Don’t be that guy.


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