Samsung Galaxy S5 vs. iPhone 5S VS. HTC One M8 VS. Sony Xperia Z1.

Update. OnePlus One is a new Android phone that has just come onto my radar. Looks promising. Here:

Request I found of Facebook. I’ve had the same dilemma myself; just my thoughts on all of them. I’m not an expert, nor do I claim to be. I do geek out a bit though.

Samsung Galaxy S5 – Probably the newest and most exciting hyped in the lineup. I also find it too much of an overhauled Android experience. Great phones if you’ve experienced them before.  Drawcard is if you want to use wearable accessories.image

Consider the Note 2 if you want ultimate battery life and don’t mind the not-so-portableness for added functionality. Don’t bring it out on a night clubbing unless you want to be ‘that guy.’

iPhone 5S is at the end of it’s lifecycle. iPhone 6 will be coming out this year, and current rumours suggest August-September. It’s Apple. Familiar interface, and works well if you have bought a lot of apps or like the feature set. Still a solid go to if you know the iOS experience, then there’s nothing you’ll regret (apart from something new)

Expect the iPhone 6 to be bigger than your 5S.

HTC One line has been really good to begin with, and the M8 is another step up. Overall, solid design for a phone. Sells itself basically. HTC has one of the better social media feeds integration into the system; great if you like having an ongoing data feed of what’s going on. For others, less so. Solid phone – feature set, and build.

Sony Xperia Z1 would be my go to if I had the cash, and didn’t minds such a deviation to an untainted true Android.  Battery life is improved under the Z2 which has just come out, but the Cameras onboard Sony products is usually is higher end overall including dedicated shutter camera button. They’ve put some real effort into their line. Also waterproof and such.

Also Consider the Z1 Mini for smaller sized however powerful punch.

I have a Nexus 5. It’s a really simple interface, however I’ve tweaked mine out so much it doesn’t resemble anything like the original untainted Android KitKat 4.2 experience. (I use Aviate Launcher) The power is yours (or on any Android)! Either way still rather useful. Use it however you please. Very affordable. Futureproof (Quad-core, NFC, Wireless charging etc)

Lumia 925,  Whilst not in the original scope, if you want rather functional but can afford to forgo luxury apps (honestly, who needs 225,000 apps when you use probably 30 at best!). Superior camera, and battery life to boot. This is the new hipster phone. Best social media integration with your contacts, do your Office docs online (if you so please) and probably the safest overall in terms of app security. Consider Lumia 1020 for ultimate camera onboard which obliterates most of the competition.

Notes on Android

Interesting to note that whilst all the it’s really iOS versus Android KitKat 4.2; that each Android experience is tailored by each of the companies. If it’s that you regard, then I would say Sony and HTC equal first, then Samsung second. Why because Sony haven’t obliterated the experience with bloatware, and HTC actually has useful things. Samsung feels kinda childish, however is still remarkably functional.

LG are about to rollout their updated line (if not already). If you have the resource, time and like to geek out than I would wait for the Moto X – a powerhouse that’s mostly affordable. Got to be one of the best Android KitKat experiences out there. Hands down. Legit. Downside is, it has been out for over six months, making it just a little younger in terms of time on market than say the iPhone or maybe even the Z1. Age isn’t capability though.


*update* it’s out in Aus now.

Notes on Price

I guess, I did say I got the Nexus 5. Affordable, and functional as most of your $500-700 smartphones (minus some waterproofing) I guess, with an extra $200 in your pocket you can get an additional Android/Windows tablet.

There you have it…


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