Being Alone and A Twentysomething: Why Things are really not that Bad

Completely agree with Scott here – what a good read. It’s that go-go-go culture that social media drives. Most things happen in real life – not online; and it shouldn’t have to be in order for it to be worthwhile.


When I think about my own life, I see a person that used to be the life of the party (or so I believe) during his college years.  I could walk into any social event, have fun, make friends, and have a great time.  Post-college live is a lot different because those consistent social opportunities are often a thing of the past for many people.  Bars and social scenes take a toll on the pocketbook and those first jobs barely pay enough to afford pasta on top of rent, insurance, bills, and those dreaded student loans.  Before I knew it, a Saturday night on the couch with Netflix and a pint of ice cream became the norm rather than the weekly party at the fraternity house.  Many other individuals of similar age, the twentysomething crowd as I call them, are left with a similar social that they long to fill, but…

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