Short talk: On Communicating

So upon this quick brainwave I’ve had; I’ve seen one common trait that happened whether it was serving a customer their fries, trying to help people with a computer operating system or simply bringing together ideas in a meeting (all anecdotal).

See, it’s all very well easy to say one can have an active management style, or one thinks outside the box (although no-one rarely does) – but call it a soft-skill or whatever – in every scenario where there is conflict there’s one surprising thing.

It’s that somebody just wants to be listened to.

In this fast paced world, the common frustrations had by all is simply through a kind of misunderstanding. Although this becomes exacerbated because of a barrier – and typically it’s a communication.


In fact it’s rife; especially within the industry I work within (aviation); ‘air-rage’ becoming a thing (thanks due to the stupid ‘knee-defender’) or  haughty customers yelling at check-in – if everyone simply listened, I believe this would be half the solut


See, it’s about understanding. We all know the rules ourselves, but when we can’t see eye-to-eye with another person; they only hear what they’re thinking – not what your saying. A problem in itself.

We can all get that feeling of being ignored, or our needs not being satisfied. Sometimes hilarious, more often than not we can walk away with a negative attitude – and most people won’t turn that around. (Computer says no…

computer says no

So when it comes to customer interactions, paying attention even to the little things can go a long way. But basically your frustrations will rise because it all falls on deaf-ears because either you didn’t put the effort to speak up (nicely) or you blasted it out with your deafening sounds of frustration (equally bad).

But if we could all practise active listening on our end; something that we ourselves have influence over – the world will start to be a better place.

We can piece together a situation/position/frustration and then understand a solution from the others perspective. If this seems foreign to you – I’m willing to believe that you’ve had some kind of altercation – even I do.

Assertion is one thing, but being a dick about it is another (Constant habit of mine). But not communicating your needs is especially true; otherwise no-one can help you.

But that’s just my 2 cents.


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