Tagle’s Pacific Adventure v3.0


So you may recall last time I travelled around the Pacific on some really odd airplane sector routes in order to get to the United States. It was worth it. It’s kinda happening again from mid-March, although this time I’m getting some things done first before I do my ergh.. travel kinda travel, rather than OMG gonna do stuff kinda travel.

I digress.

Here’s my much anticipated itinerary:

18-Mar Wednesday MEL-LAX
19-Mar Thursday Los Angeles
20-Mar Friday Los Angeles – Tucson
21-Mar Saturday Tucson
22-Mar Sunday Tucson
23-Mar Monday Tucson – Pheonix – Grand Canyon
24-Mar Tuesday Grand Canyon – Las Vegas
25-Mar Wednesday Las Vegas 
26-Mar Thursday Las Vegas – Victorville – San Diego
27-Mar Friday Conference
28-Mar Saturday Conference
29-Mar Sunday Conference
30-Mar Monday Flying to Chicago from LA
31-Mar Tuesday Chicago
1-Apr Wednesday Chicago
2-Apr Thursday Chicago/Kalamazoo
3-Apr Friday Kalamazoo
4-Apr Saturday Kalamazoo*
5-Apr Sunday Canada?*
6-Apr Monday Seattle – Vancouver 
7-Apr Tuesday Vancouver
8-Apr Wednesday Vancouver – Seattle
9-Apr Thursday Seattle
10-Apr Friday Seattle – Los Angeles – Tokyo
11-Apr Saturday Tokyo
12-Apr Sunday Tokyo
13-Apr Monday Tokyo
14-Apr Tuesday Transit Day
15-Apr Wednesday Hong Kong
16-Apr Thursday Hong Kong
17-Apr Friday Fly to Singapore
18-Apr Saturday Singapore – Gold Coast

* – denotes unconfirmed plans.

If you continue reading from here, good for you. Lol. Offers for places to crash, suggested things to do, or catch-up/hang-out offers (because I’m v last minute) are welcome.

I hope to do an update in a week or so!


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